Startup Kingston

Collaborating together for an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem .


Engaging micro-ecosystems of entrepreneurial activity

Niche Networking + Design Thinking

Connecting entrepreneurs from all walks of life to design-think solutions


Achieve optimal flow while avoiding burnout

“The first thing you should learn to get over is the start. Second, hustle. Third is to listen.”

Victoria Lennox, CEO Startup Canada


Co-explore methods, tools & experiences that help define what success looks like in context to each person’s life & business


Pitches for early to mid-stage startups to access cash awards.


Podcasts, online programs and learning webinars.

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Grow organically by connecting to a national and global network to scale

Startup Kingston is in the national network of vibrant entrepreneurial communities across the Startup Canada network.

In 2017, Startup Kingston is looking to engage indigenous entrepreneurs, newcomers, seniorpreneurs, studentpreneurs, artists, and ecopreneurs.

Startup Canada Communities

30 Startup Canada Communities in the Startup Canada network scaling to 100


60-second video that highlights Canada’s top startup, scale-up and small business news.


The podcasts features the movers and shakers of the entrepreneurship community.

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We want to tell your story, engage your entrepreneurial venture, and celebrate your success